Atlantic Biomass Conversions
Biotech for Biofuels
Why Advanced Biofuels?

Advanced renewable transportation fuels
will be one of the nation's most important industries in the 21st Century. 
Combined with improved energy efficiency, biofuels are the primary near-term option for insulating consumers against future oil shocks and
lowering the transportation sector's carbon footprint."

                                                                                Barack Obama, President, United States of America.

Advanced Transportation Biofuels


Why Do We Need Advanced Transportation Biofuels?

· Jets Can’t Fly on Electricity

· An energy storage battery for an 18-wheeler would take up more than half the freight area

· Using electricity made from renewable sources is good for the environment, but it does not decrease use of foreign oil because oil isn’t used to generate electricity.


What does the
Advanced Transportation Biofuels
Future Look Like?

Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

  • Automotive Fuels for the family car and racing vehicles
  • Aviation Fuels for military and commercial planes
  • Bio-Diesel to power cars, trucks and trains 
  • PLUS biolubricants and bioplastics  




How Do We Get There?

1. Grow, sustainably, energy grasses and crops

2. Harvest all the biomass possible.

 Use the proprietary Atlantic Biomass “Follow the Crop” system to convert biomass to biofuel components.

Use new and newly improved technologies to produce alcohols, biogasoline, biodiesel, bio-jetfuels, and fuel cell propellants.

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